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One Day (2024): A very romantic series on Netflix

One Day is a new series starring Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall. It is Based the global best-selling book from David Nicholls.

. It is perfectly designed to captivate the hearts of the most tender and love-thirsty on these special dates (you know, Valentine’s Day is approaching). It is the series adaptation of the film One Day (2011), starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Stugess. The same story, but very modernized. You will notice it immediately. Comparisons are odious, but the story remains moving and highly recommended for all fans of the romantic genre. A series with two characters with personality and a lot to say. Although, and to get into comparisons, 9 hours seem a little too much, even for the most die-hard romantics.


This is the story of the same day, but in different years. Throughout July 15th, we can see how a relationship goes through ups and downs, matures, breaks up, and goes from a deep friendship to love.

About the series

David Nicholls’ best-seller had absolutely everything, and it succeeded as a book first, then on the big screen, and now it comes to Netflix with many changes, especially in the setting and some ethnic differences, but with the same flavor of timeless dramatic romance. It is a much more television-friendly story, less aesthetically worked and very easy to digest in series form. It is easy to watch, without getting lost at any time, and the story knows how to take its time to mature a good script that, on the other hand, does not contribute much to the story except for some temporal adaptations (very Netflix style, by the way).

The protagonists are good, Ambika Mod (who is not Anne Hathaway) and Leo Woodall (who is not Jim Sturgess). Comparisons will be inevitable, and these two good interpreters will come out losing, especially due to the series’ own conception, in a simpler format, less transcendental, and that takes a lot of time to tell us this simple story that, after 7 hours, becomes a bit excessive in length. It is a feel-good series, and the bitter original story by Nicholls is transferred to its calmer, more sentimental, and even simpler side.

The successive dramas of the protagonists are quite understated, and the series becomes, almost, a product aimed at a younger audience that moves away from the original intentions. Of course, everything is a matter of taste, and times change with tastes.

Our Opinion

A good series to take your time and savor it and feel it with great calmness. A story that adapted better to the big screen format than to television, but that continues to be equally enjoyable.

Where to Watch “One Day”


The Cast

Ambika Mod
Essie Davis
Essie Davis
Leo Woodall
Leo Woodall
Tim McInnerny
Tim McInnerny

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