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Love wins all: IU’s Dystopian Ballad Captures the Power of Hope

IU’s new song is the new number 1 on the South Korean charts. A romantic and catchy ballad that has charmed and, as it seems to be already usual, threatens to go around the world. Will it manage to last as long as Lim Young Woong’s “Do or Die”?

IU. By 월아조운’s –제이에스티나-팝업-포토콜-팬싸인회, CC BY 4.0,

IU, South Korea’s beloved “nation’s little sister,” burst onto the scene in 2024 with a powerful new pre-release single, “Love wins all.” More than just a catchy tune, the song, featuring BTS’ V, has captivated audiences with its poignant message, stunning visuals, and chart-topping success.

“Love wins all” transcends ordinary love songs. The accompanying music video paints a hauntingly beautiful picture of a dystopian world, where two lovers, played by IU and V, fight for survival amidst a harsh, oppressive reality. Despite the bleak backdrop, their love becomes a beacon of hope, offering solace and defying the darkness.

“Love wins all” transcends the K-Pop genre with its universal themes and emotional depth. It speaks to anyone who has ever faced adversity or sought solace in love. The song is a reminder that even in the darkest moments, love can provide strength, hope, and the power to overcome.

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